dcsimg New Edition of Franciscan Heritage Booklet Is Now Available

New Edition of Franciscan Heritage Booklet Is Now Available

by Bob Golobish | Mar 13, 2013

The fourth edition of the "Our Franciscan Heritage" booklet is now available. And, the timing is perfect. Interest in all things Franciscan should skyrocket because Pope Francis has taken the name of St. Francis of Assisi, one of the great saints in Catholic history.

The popular booklet, first printed in 1998, is a wonderful resource for those who want to explore Marian University's connection to the Franciscan Movement. It is used by students, faculty, and staff.

Sr. Jean Marie Cleveland, Vice President for Mission Effectiveness, led the effort to update the 24-page booklet. According to Sr. Jean Marie, "the booklet is important for the Marian University community because it contains brief histories of Saints Francis and Clare, the Sisters of Saint Francis from Oldenburg, and Marian University. To learn more about the values we treasure, look at pages 13-21 and discover how they are rooted in the Gospels and the Franciscan tradition."

Those who would like a copy of the booklet should contact Theresa Roberts in the Office of Mission Effectiveness. A PDF version can be found on the university's web site.

After reading the booklet, you may want to test your knowledge of its contents. Sr. Jean Marie, OSF Cleveland and Sr. Norma Rocklage, OSF collaborated with Renaud Sicard, a business major, to create a quiz on Brainscape, a free, digital flashcard program.

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