dcsimg President Elsener Endorses the Indiana Compact

President Elsener Endorses the Indiana Compact

by John Armitage | Nov 27, 2012
Statement on immigration policy drafted by the Alliance for Immigration Reform in Indiana.
President Daniel J. Elsener joined Archbishop Daniel Buechlein, Indiana attorney general Greg Zoeller, and other community leaders in signing the Indiana Compact on Wednesday, February 8, 2011 in a ceremony at the State House.   TheIndiana Compact is a statement of five principles for governing debate on immigration policy. The document can be read online and signed electronically by Indiana residents.   In December 2010, Elsener gave his support to Senator Richard G. Lugar's DREAM Act legislation, a policy that was written to address the educational needs of undocumented young people in the United States.   "Immigration reform resonates well with Marian University's core values of dignity of the individual, peace and justice, reconciliation, and responsible stewardship," said Elsener. "It enriches our nation's universites with increased diversity in our student bodies."
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