Five Ways to Have a Sustainable Day at Marian University

by Amber Ferrari | Mar 26, 2015
  1. Bike It.
    Walking can get monotonous. Spice up your daily stroll around campus by riding a bike instead! Marian University’s bike share program allows students and staff to rent a bike from the Ruth Lilly Student Center. Whether you want to grab a group of friends and ride downtown, travel to and from buildings, or get in extra exercise on your lunch break, the bike share program is there for you. Visit the police station in the RLSC to check out a blue bike.

  2. Hydrate Smarter.
    Instead of spending money on cases of bottled water, bring your own water bottle to campus. With hydration stations now located in Alumni Hall and the Michael A. Evan’s center, it is easier than ever to refill and refuel throughout the day. This also helps reduce the amount of energy used to recycle plastic water bottles that you would be using otherwise.

  3. Work by Daylight.
    As temperatures become warmer, take advantage of the front, side, and back terraces of Alumni Hall and the third floor terrace in the Michael A. Evan’s Center. These areas exist to provide university students and staff the opportunity to relax, work, and interact comfortably through utilizing outdoor seating options. Enjoy the environment and get some vitamin D.

  4. Explore the EcoLab.
    When is the last time you went down to visit the EcoLab? With trails and 55-acres of natural area, it is a great place to go for a walk, run, or have a picnic. Still have a lot of studying to do? Walk a little further until you find the EcoLab’s outdoor classroom. Set up your study group down there and enjoy the sunshine.

  5. Think Digitally.
    Although Marian University provides unlimited printing to its students, it is still important to be conscious of how much paper you are using. If you don’t need it, don’t print it! With the convenience of Canvas, email, and document sharing online, students and staff alike have many options available to access information digitally. When the time comes where printing is important, make sure to recycle when finished.

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