dcsimg On Friday, December 7, the School of Mathematics and Sciences Presents the Second Annual Marian University Undergraduate Scholarship Symposia - 12/5/2012

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Alternative Break Inspires Ministry, Service

Chris Lytle

For many students, spring break is a vacation, a chance to step away from the stresses of daily life. But last year, Mary Carper and Kaylee Bluethmann (now sophomores) embarked on Marian University’s alternative spring break to Campton, Kentucky, and their experience wasn’t exactly a walk on the beach. Perhaps for the first time in their lives, the young women witnessed abject poverty - hungry people, living in a food desert, their lives oftentimes made even more complicated by a lack of education, drug addiction, and alcohol abuse.

Enter Sr. Susan Pleiss, OSF, pastoral associate at Good Shepherd Parish, the only Catholic Church in Campton, and all of Wolfe County. Both Mary and Kaylee were inspired by Sr. Susan’s outreach efforts...read more

On Friday, December 7, the School of Mathematics and Sciences Presents the Second Annual Marian University Undergraduate Scholarship Symposia - 12/5/2012

by John Armitage | Jan 02, 2013

On Friday, December 7, the School of Mathematics and Sciences presents the second annual Marian University Undergraduate Scholarship Symposia. The event will be held on the first floor of the Mother Theresa Hackelmeier Memorial Library. Posters will be available for viewing from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. and the student presentations will be given from noon-2 p.m.

The School of Mathematics and Sciences believes that in order to learn science, students must do science. Our students are given the opportunity to not only conduct publication-worthy research, but also to showcase their talents for the campus community. All are welcome to attend the presentations including:

David Benson, Ph.D. – Ecology (BIO 320)

  • Jena Jaskie: Summer of 2012: Drought and Tree Mortality in Eagle Creek Park, Marion County, Indiana
  • Kyle Whited: Does Level and Type of Human Access Affect the Distribution of Invasive Amur Honeysuckle?
  • Brad Harmening: Effects of Invasive Amur Honeysuckle on Microclimate in a Midwest Lowland Forest
  • Matt Black: How Does Invasive Siberian Squill Removal Affect Native Species Coverage and Richness?

Ron Weiss, Ph.D. – Environmental Science (ENV 170)

  • Kyle Downs: Geolocator Tracking of the Annual Movements of Migratory Bank Swallows (Riparia riparia)

Roderick Macrae, Ph.D. – Chemistry

  • Katie Copeland: Solvent-Probe Association Effects: From Environmental Polarity Changes to Donor-Acceptor Interactions
  • Jeremy Vates: Novel High-Symmetry Carbon Cages: Structure Generation and Hückel Calculations

Kristy Wilson, Ph.D. – Biology Education Research

  • Pam Oponway: The Persistence of Biology Misconceptions from Middle School to College
  • Tiffany Schendel: Information Literacy: Finding Information and Deciding its Quality

Kristy Wilson, Ph.D. – Genetics (BIO 203)

  • Cloning C. Elgans Genes to Understand Muscle Function and Human Disease
  • Does a Person's Dominant-Hand Impact their Dexterity?
  • The Effect of Gender on Taste Preferences
  • The Effect of Varying the Amount of Light on Different Genotypes of Mustard Seeds
  • Active Dry Yeast vs. Bread-Machine Yeast Growth in Different Sugars

Internships – Summer and Fall 2012

  • Darrien Harris: Physical Therapy
  • Samantha Goodman: Physical Therapy
  • Sam Stone: Haiti Mission Trip Surgical Assistant
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