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Intent to Take a Course in Transfer

If the courses you wish to take another college or university WILL NOT fall within your last 30 credit hours prior to graduation with a bachelor degree (or 15 for associate degree) and are not courses intended to meet requirements within your major, follow this procedure:

Visit http://tes.collegesource.com to find out how courses from a variety of institutions will transfer to Marian University. Not all institutions and courses have been reviewed. The database is updated daily with new information. This information is a general guide and not a comprehensive list of all transferable courses.

If the courses you wish to take at another college or university are not on the TES site listed above, or are courses that are required in your major, please return to the main Transfer Course Approval page and select Option 2 to obtain information on submitting a transfer course approval form. Formal approval is required.

If the courses you wish to take are on the TES site listed above as equivalent to the Marian University courses for which you want to receive credit, complete the Intent to Take a Course in Transfer form and return it to the Office of the Registrar to be filed. No formal approval is required.

Check the schedule at the institution that you will be attending to make sure that the course is being offered during the semester in which you want to take it and at a time that will work for you. Please do not submit a course for approval unless you are reasonably sure that you will take the course.

After you have completed the course and a final grade has been recorded, request that an official transcript be mailed to Marian University or delivered electronically as an official e-transcript.  Official transcripts may also be hand-delivered if they remain in the original sealed envelope from the issuing college or university. Transcripts that have been opened can not be accepted. Failure to have a final official transcript sent to Marian University within three months of course completion may result in the course no longer being accepted for credit. Please note that only courses with a final grade of C- or better will be accepted in transfer. Nursing students must check with the School of Nursing to find out if they will require a higher grade such as a C or C+.

If you have questions about transfer course approval, please contact Maryann Bonner at 317.955.6053 or mbonner@marian.edu.

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