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Hannah Elizabeth Sobhie

Major: Sociology, English, Philosophy 

Favorite Book/Genre: Any book with information concerning history, science, philosophy, art, or the sort containing random morsels of knowledge about the world are going in my bookshelf! I also love to read biographies of historical people (Einstein, Houdini, and Tesla to name a few). I’m especially drawn to classical literature, but my two favorite novels (if I have to pick) are The Book Thief and My Uncle Napoleon. Just don’t tell my other books I said that… 

About me:  My first name is a palindrome, which makes life significantly easier if I’m ever asked to spell it backwards. I was an Irish dancer for 13 years and still practice on my own (because I have yet to give up my dream of one day overthrowing the Lord of the Dance). I’m always running out of bookshelf space. In my life, writing is indistinguishable from breathing. The universe and everything in it is simply one big story. The fact that human beings are essentially made of stars pretty much explains why we are all drawn to some story or another. In the exciting yet daunting saga of life, we are all the main characters and we all hold the pen. Finally, I love words like “rutabaga” and “lethologica” (that last one always gets stuck on the tip of my tongue). I try to work them into sentences whenever possible.

Come see me for help with: Anything pertaining to MLA format, proofreading, editing, construction, or content ideas. 



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