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Meet Knightro!

About Me

I'm Knightro, the official mascot of Marian University. On my page you can find our everything you ever wanted to know about me and what I'm up to!

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All About Knightro

Height: 7'10" (on horseback)
Weight: 250 lbs (with armor)
College: Knight College
Shoe Size: 27 1/2


Food: Shepherd's pie
Beverage: Anything out of a gobblet
TV Show: Saturday Knight Live
Day: Founders' Day
Best Friend: Sr. Norma
Hobbies: jousting, Marian University sporting events, taking photos with fans, tailgating
Song: The Marian University Fight Song
Band: The Marian University Marching Band of course!
Movie: A Knight's Tale
Worst Knightmare: Leaving my sword somewhere

Nomadic Knightro

Take Knightro with you on your next vacation! #Knightro

  1. Print Nomadic Knightro.
  2. Glue Nomadic Knightro to poster board or construction paper for a little extra heft.
  3. Cut out Nomadic Knightro.
  4. Snap a photo of Nomadic Knightro on a trip, at a Marian University athletic event, or anywhere fun you go.
  5. Send your photo to alumni@marian.edu.
Nomadic Knightro


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