dcsimg Dual Degree Engineering Program Frequently Asked Questions
  • Why should I consider a dual-degree program at Marian instead of just doing engineering somewhere else?

  • What engineering majors are available?

  • But I can major in anything at Marian, right?

  • Can I major in just engineering?

  • What about admissions requirements?

  • This is a special program. Are there any deadlines?

  • I have a scholarship that requires me to take at least a minor. How does that fit into the program?

  • I’m an athlete interested in engineering. Will I be able to take a lighter class load during my sport’s semester?

  • I’m enrolled in Project Lead The Way dual-credit classes in high school. Can I get any degree credit for these?

  • Do I have to apply to IUPUI, too?

  • What about parking and other fees at IUPUI?

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