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Engineering Leaders of the 21st Century

In cooperation with Purdue University at IUPUI, Marian University offers a unique and rigorous engineering program where the graduate receives two degrees upon graduation—a bachelor of science in mathematics from Marian University and a bachelor of science in biomedical, electrical, or mechanical engineering from Purdue. All of our engineering options are accredited by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET).  Ask about motorsports, computer, and energy engineering, because we are working on developing those programs.

Our engineers learn their engineering skills at IUPUI, and Marian University provides the educational breadth and human skills to make you a leader in your field. We are looking for students who not only want to be technically proficient; but also want to lead their firms toward future success in the increasingly technical world. This program prepares our graduates with technical, intellectual, and communications skills to function, serve, and lead at a very high level in a wide variety of environments.

Mid-American Engineering Hub

Biomedical Engineering
DOW Agrosciences
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Eli Lilly
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Electrical Engineering
Verizon Wireless

Mechanical Engineering
Rolls Royce

Life as a Dual Degree Engineer

Dual degree engineering Program students complete the requirements for two separate bachelor's degrees in five packed years. The first year involves a common set of foundation courses that all engineers must study—calculus, chemistry, and physics, of course; along with the First Year Seminar, English, public speaking, and an initial course in engineering design and 3-D modeling. Sequencing requirements demand these courses, and so only students with some form of transfer credit for one or more of these will follow a different schedule during the first year.  By year two students are taking some major-specific courses, but still following the common math and physics path.

Besides meeting prerequisites, having all first year engineers in the same classes provides an opportunity for mutual assistance. It's hard work, and students need to be able to rely on their classmates for academic and moral support. We believe in that so much, in fact, that we expect first year engineering students to live on campus even if they hail from the Indianapolis area.

Apart from one course in the first semester, Marian Dual Degree Engineering Program students spend their first two years on the Marian University campus.  During these two years they mature as people and scholars while enjoying the benefits of our smaller, more personal environment.  Beginning in year three, our engineers take classes on both campuses and dive into more advanced work that builds on the first two years' foundation material.  

Many of our engineering students are also athletes. The schedule in the first two years accommodates our athletic practice time. Beyond the first two years, athletes may need to make some compromises in order to attend their engineering classes. Our coaches all understand that the phrase 'student-athlete' is in priority order, and we expect to manage these issues successfully.

Message from the President 

"This program provides a pathway for students at Marian University to earn an engineering degree—a degree very much in demand in today’s economy. We are confident that outstanding students seeking a stronger liberal arts foundation in this vibrant and faith-based community will thrive in this new program. This new partnership will attract talented students who desire an education that will prepare them to not only secure challenging and well-paid jobs upon graduation, but also a rich and rewarding life,”

Daniel J. Elsener
President of Marian University

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