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Graphic Design

Students majoring in graphic design receive instruction in the foundations of fine arts combined with specialized instruction in layout, typography, and computer-aided design. A strong foundation in the fine arts and the elements of design, along with specialized graphic design instruction makes for strong graphic designers. The program is designed to prepare students for entry into either graduate school or a position in the profession. For qualified students, internships are arranged during the senior year. Marian University maintains an up-to-date computer laboratory devoted solely to graphic design.

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J Brian Crain, M.F.A. 

Jamie Higgs, Ph.D. 


Major for Bachelor of Arts Degree (B.A.) in Graphic Design

46 credits, 36 credits in art courses including ART 104, 106 or 109, 206, 226, 229, 255; either 237, 304, or 322; 326, 327, 426, 427, 490, and 491.  Also required are 10 credits in art history courses including ARH 240 and two 300-level ARH courses.  Students enter  the department as B.A. art majors.  There is a portfolio review after the completion of 104, 106 or 109, 206, and two of the following courses:  226, 229, 255, 322, or 328.  The average GPA for the above listed courses must be a “B” or better along with a favorable review rating in order to be accepted into the graphic design major.  Only students accepted into the major are eligible for ART 460 Graphic Design Internship.

Minor in Graphic Design

19 credits minimum in art and art history including ART 106 or 109, 206, 229, ARH 240, and two additional art courses from 226, 255, 326, 327, 329, or 380 on a graphic design topic. 

Accredited Off-Campus Courses

Marian University art majors may take up to 12 credits of pre-approved activities courses at the Indianapolis Art Center for application to their degree at Marian University. These are courses not normally offered at Marian College.

Studio Lab Fees

Lab fees are assessed on most art studio courses to defray the cost of expendable materials. Lab fees are published in each semester’s schedule of classes.

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