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Marian University's Theology program is carried on from within the tradition of faith seeking understanding. The program offers disciplined study and reflection which promotes deeper understanding and personal enrichment within the context of a fruitful dialogue among the various Christian traditions and between religion and the world.

Learn from the Best

Arthur David Canales, D.Min. (“Art”) is a third generation Mexican-American and an associate professor of pastoral theology  and ministry at Marian University. He is considered one of the foremost Catholic adolescent ministry scholars in the country.

Bachelor of Arts Degree (B.A.) in Theology: 33 credits

THL 105 - Introduction to Theology

THL 236 - Liturgy and Spirituality

THL 208 - The Church

THL 308 - Christian Unity and Diversity

THL 216 - Moral Issues or
THL 218 - Fundamental Catholic Moral Theology

THL 332 - Creative Theologians of the Modern Era

THL 226 - Old Testament

 THL 490 - Senior Seminar

THL 228 - New Testament

One THL elective, excluding THL 361, 460, and 463

THL 232 - History of Christian Thought

Also required, PHL 350 - God and Philosophy

The department has five full-time faculty members who teach four classes per semester in Theology or towards the Theology major.  Adjunct-faculty cover the remainder of the courses.

Pastoral Leadership Program

Pastoral leadership prepares young women and men to serve in various roles and positions in the Christian community and to be co-collaborators with ordained and lay people working in ministry, education, and secular not-for-profit organizations.  Pastoral Leadership education equips and empowers undergraduate college students with the necessary and appropriate formation on four fronts: (1) human formation (2) theological formation, (3) spiritual formation, and (4) pastoral formation.   Pastoral Leadership prepares young women and men to meets the world’s needs in ministry.  Pastoral leadership students are prepared to serve the People of God at the crossroads between culture and faith and church and society.

Read more about the Pastoral Leadership Programs at Marian

A major or minor in Theology develops the intellectual background and practical competencies for many future opportunities.


Skills and Abilities


Ecumenical awareness

USCCB Religious Education Requirements

Catechetical foundations

Major Theological Issues: Jesus, Church, Sacraments, Morality

History of Christianity


Social Justice

Pastoral Care

Church Policies, Practices, and Procedures

Catholic and Christian literacy and diversity

Vatican II Documents

Leadership in lay ministry

Critical thinking and research analysis

Ability to understand the meaning of complex written documents

Ability to understand Scripture

Writing and organizational skills

Team work and communication skills

Empathy and ability to understand people

Apply moral reasoning and social justice concerns to life situations

Use imagination and creativity

Develop a critical approach to contemporary issues

Critical evaluation skills

Sensitivity to diverse cultures and beliefs

Religion teacher K-12

High School teacher

Coordinator of Religious Education

Lay Ecclesial Minister

Youth Ministry

Pro-Life Work

Mission Work

Religious Life

Ordained Ministry

Human Resources/Social Services

Campus Ministry

Pastoral and Social Ministry


Graduate School


Law and Politics



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For any questions concerning the curriculum, department, or areas of interest contact: 

Andy Hohman - Department Chair
Assistant Professor of Theology and Philosophy

Gender Complementarity: Historical Examples and (De)Constructive Remarks

Dr. Matthew Sherman (Theology)
Tuesday November 19, 2013
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