dcsimg Faculty and Staff

Faculty and Staff


Faculty members

Andrew Hohman, STL
Department Chair

Arthur Canales, D.Min.

Donna Proctor, A.B.D.

Mark Reasoner, Ph.D.

Matthew Sherman, Ph.D.

David Den
z, Ph.D.

Domenic D'Ettore, Ph.D.

Karen Spear, Ph.D.
Director of the Center for Organizational Ethics

Jason Eberl
, Ph.D.
Semler Endowed Chair for Medical Ethics

Fr. Robert Robeson, Ed.D.
Rector of Bishop Simon Bruté College Seminary

Neal Baird
, A.B.D.

Chris Dixon
, M.A.

Katharine Harmon
, Ph.D.

David Gides
, Ph.D.

Fall 2014 Courses

Andrew Hohman, STL
THL332: Creative Theologians of the Modern Era
PHL350: God and Philosophy
THL460: Internship in Religious Education
THL490: Senior Seminar
THL-45/76: Mentoring/Internship in Ministry

Donna Proctor, ABD
THL100: Practice of Prayer
FYS105: First Year Seminar (pilot class)
THL105B: Introduction to Theology
THL105D: Introduction to Theology
THL208: The Church
THL-45/76: Mentoring/Internship in Ministry
Mark Reasoner, Ph.D.
THL129: Biblical Greek
THL226A: Old Testament
THL226B: Old Testament
THL228A: New Testament 
THL-45/76: Mentoring/Internship in Ministry
Arthur Canales, D.Min.
THL105E: Introduction to Theology
THL105SA: Introduction to Theology (CEP)
THL170: Theology and Spirituality of Ministry
THL474: Church Administration, Policies, and Procedures
THL-45/76: Mentoring/Internship in Ministry
Matthew Sherman, Ph.D.
THL105A: Introduction to Theology
THL105C: Introduction to Theology
THL216A: Moral Issues
THL216B: Moral Issues
THL-45/76: Mentoring/Internship in Ministry

David Denz, Ph.D.
PHL115: Ethical Analysis in Practice​
PHL130E: Philosophy of Human Nature and Person
PHL320: Philosophy of Knowledge
PHL490: Senior Seminar

Domenic D'Ettore, Ph.D.
PHL130B: Philosophy of Human Nature and Person
PHL130F: Philosophy of Human Nature and Person
PHL150: Logic
PHL203: Plato and Aristotle

Karen Spear, Ph.D.
FYS106: First Year Seminar (pilot class)
BUS 401B: Business Ethics
PHL498: Guided Research in Ethics

Fr. Bob Robeson, Ed.D.
THL103: Catholic Beliefs and Practices

Jason Eberl, Ph.D.
PHL130D: Philosophy of Human Nature and Person

Neal Baird, ABD
PHL130A: Philosophy of Human Nature and Person
PHL130C: Philosophy of Human Nature and Person
PHL260A: Asian Philosophies
PHL260B: Asian Philosophies
Katharine Harmon, Ph.D.
THL105H: Introduction to Theology
THL105I: Introduction to Theology
HIS 348: History of the Catholic Church in the United States
MUS-16: Organ

Chris Dixon, MA
THL105F: Introduction to Theology
THL105G: Introduction to Theology

David Gides, Ph.D.
THL258A: Asian Religions
THL258B: Asian Religions

William Pedtke, MA
PHL310A: Kafka, Kierkegaard, Dostoyevsky and Camus

Clare Bain, MA
THL-45/76: Mentoring/Internship in Ministry

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