Rebecca Reneau

Rebecca Reneau began as a Lecturer in Latin in the Department of Theology and Philosophy at Marian in 2007, and has continued in that position in the Department of Languages and Cultures. In addition to teaching at Marian, Rebecca also offers Latin courses for children, teens, and adults at Holy Rosary Parish in Indianapolis.

She has two Masters degrees: Latin and French received in 1985, and English and Teaching English as a Foreign Language obtained in 1987. She graduated with B.A., in 1977 in French, Latin, and Medieval and Renaissance Studies received from Ball State University. Other languages studied were classical Greek, German, Serbo-Croatian, Anglo-Saxon, and Turkish.

Previous teaching experience at Ball State, IUPUI, and the Université de Nancy, France. Where she had taught Latin, Classical Studies, and various English courses. Ecclesiastical Latin is her particular interest within the discipline of Latin, and she is currently at work on an ecclesiastical Latin textbook.

Concomitant with her interest in languages has been an interest in ethnic dance. For thirty years she studied and performed locally and abroad the ethnic dances of various cultures of Europe, Middle East, and North America.In addition to her particular expertise in the dances of the Balkan countries and in Oriental dance. 

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