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Political and Science

Political science provides us with the tools to describe, explain, and sometimes predict political and social phenomena at home and abroad. As a social science discipline, political science is systematic, theoretical, and comparative.

The study of political science develops the analytical and critical thinking skills that are essential for moral judgment and active, responsible citizenship in a democracy.

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Pierre Atlas, Ph.D.


Major for Bachelor of Arts Degree (B.A.) in Political Science

33 credits including 101, 102, 201, 205, 490, two of three subfield core courses (210, 220, and 230), and any four additional POL courses, excluding 460. Political science majors must receive a grade of “C” or above for all political science courses required for the major.


18 credits including 101 and 102

Teaching requirements

High school licensure is available in art, English, French, German, Spanish, and music. Credits allowed through advanced placement may be counted toward licensing in French, German, and Spanish. With expanded coursework, a license to teach high school social studies can be earned by economics, history, political science, psychology, and sociology majors.

Students who wish to teach in a content area must meet all requirements for the chosen major field and also meet the School of Education’s developmental licensing requirements. Contact the School of Education and Exercise Science for high school licensing program descriptions and specifics for each licensure area. All courses are subject to change based upon current requirements from the Division of Professional Standards, Indiana Department of Education.

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