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Political Science

Political Science provides us with the tools to ask critical questions about the world around us and to describe, explain, and sometimes predict political phenomena at home and abroad.

Political Science is systematic, theoretical, and comparative. It looks at a particular event or concept and asks, “What is this an example of?” By placing individual observations into broader categories, we are able to generate comparisons and contrasts, and develop and evaluate theories that explain why things happen the way they do.

The study of Political Science develops the important skills of critical thinking, analytical research and quantitative analysis that are essential for moral judgment and active, responsible citizenship.

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Students graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science leave Marian University with knowledge and skills that can enable them to go on to successful careers in the foreign service, national, state, or local governmental service, interest group activism, teaching, business, media, and politics. And of course, a B. A. in Political Science provides a solid foundation for continuing on to graduate studies in a variety of disciplines ranging from the social sciences to business administration, education, social work, and the law.

Marian University’s close proximity to the Indiana State Capitol, City Hall, and the vibrant downtown business district provide many opportunities for our students to be exposed to public and private sector experience. Juniors and seniors can apply for off-campus internships with the state legislature, political parties, Indiana’s United States Senators, or city government. Internships can also earn college credit.

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