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Anne Reaves, Ph.D.

Anne Reaves, Ph.D. holds a bachelor’s degree in German from Southern Methodist University, a master of arts in medieval comparative literature from the University of Wisconsin at Madison, and a doctorate in English (medieval literature) from the University of Texas at Austin. She teaches a wide range of courses including freshman composition, literary criticism, Chaucer and His Age, the History of the English Language, and Principles of Linguistics. Other courses include Native American Literature, Literature of India, and Adolescent Literature. Special topic courses have been Literature and History of the Industrial Age; Lice, Louts, and Lust (Art and Literature of the Middle Ages); Literatures of Spain (Jewish, Christian, and Islamic), and Tolkien and Fantasy (sources and the modern world).

Reaves presents papers and organizes sessions at the International Medieval Congresses (in Leeds, United Kingdom, and Kalamazoo, Michigan), and other conferences. Many of these focus on material culture, especially how writers use textile references in literature. Material culture is a dynamic field aimed at increasing knowledge of how people lived and worked in the past and how this information enriches interpretations of literature. Some of her courses include student projects on researching a topic cited in a text and bringing the information to the class (for example, music in Chaucer’s age or food in Native American tribes).

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