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Institutional Review Board


The Marian University Institutional Review Board (IRB) ensures that research conducted at or sponsored by Marian University that involves human participants complies with the ethical standards set by the federal Office for Human Research Protections (OHRP), which operates within the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). Protocols for biomedical or behavioral research to be conducted at or supported by Marian University are subject to review by the IRB and such research may not be conducted without IRB approval.

If your research results in generalizable knowledge and you intend to publish those results in a journal article or presentation, your project qualifies as research and is subject to IRB review if you are using human subjects.  If you are a PI from outside of the university who wishes to recruit Marian University faculty, staff, or students as research subjects, the Marian University IRB will accept primary IRB review and approval from a federally registered IRB with Federal Wide Assurance (FWA).

Structure and Governance of the Marian University IRB

The Marian University Institutional Review Board is an administrative committee under the auspices of the Provost. The chair of the IRB reports to the Provost.

The Marian University IRB is composed of  a chair and at least  five members. Board membership includes representative faculty from every aspect of Marian University as well as an external community member not officially affiliated with Marian University to serve on each subcommittee.  

The IRB adheres to policies and procedures (see below) that are in compliance with Title 45 Code of Federal Regulations Part 46 (the "Common Rule") and approved by the IRB Chair and Provost.  

How to Proceed

If you are doing a research study that uses human subjects, your first step is to fill out and submit IRB Form 1 (available in a link below) to the IRB Chair.  The chair will review the form and if your study fulfills the criteria for exemption from IRB review, you will be notified and may proceed with your study.  If the chair determines that your study requires expedited or full review, you will be asked to submit a full IRB application.

Application Due Dates and Meeting Times

Applications for biomedical research should be submitted 2 months prior to submission of a grant or recruitment of subjects.  Applications for social/behavioral research requiring expedited review may be submitted at any time.  Applications for social/behavioral research requiring full review are due the first of each month.  The IRB meets (in full or in subcommittee) to review protocols that require expedited and full IRB review.  

Please submit a hard copy of your application to the IRB mail shelf in the Marian University mailroom or to the address provided in the IRB application. Electronic copies are also required and must be sent to Beverly Day. More information on the Marian University IRB process is available in the Policies and Procedures document below or in this "Human Subjects Research and the Marian University Institutional Review Board (IRB)" presentation.

Preparing Your Application

Read carefully the Policies and Procedures that govern the Marian University IRB and then fill out the IRB application (both available at the links below).  Be sure to read all of the attachments to the IRB application, as these will provide important information that will help you to fill out the application correctly.

If you have any questions about whether your project is subject to IRB review or if you need help with filling out the application or if you have any other questions, please contact the IRB Chair.
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