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School of Mathematics and Sciences

The Institute for Green and Sustainable Science (IGSS) Program is a finalist for the Indianapolis Sustainability Awards!

School of Outcomes

In order to learn science, one must actually do science. Our programs provide each student with a greater amount of individual faculty attention and hands-on laboratory experience. Our students graduate equipped to apply theory to authentic professional settings.

Jillian Mucho

Indiana University Medical Student

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School of Research

Our students are encouraged to work with one of our faculty members to do real-world research. Both within the setting of a traditional laboratory class and via purpose-designed directed research projects, our students can be active in producing publication-quality data leading to co-authorships in scholarly publications.

We'll Get You Where You Want To Go

With either our biology or chemistry programs, we provide students with curricula aimed at preparation for success in the MCAT. This allows our students to spend their senior years finishing their concentrations while they begin their medical school application process. With the addition of the Marian University College of Osteopathic Medicine (opening fall 2013), our students will take full advantage of the benefits a medical school and post-graduate research institution have to offer.

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