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Room and Board Rates

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2014-15 Room and Board Rates

Double Occupancy, Unlimited Meal Plan

$4700 per semester

$9400 per year

Single Occupancy, Unlimited Meal Plan

$5100 per semester

$10200 per year

Graduate, New Hall Occupancy (No Meal Plan)

$2965 per semester

$5930 per year

Apartment (No Meal Plan)

$3200 per semester

$6400 per year

Houses (No Meal Plan)

$3000 per semester

$6000 per year


All Access Meal Plan

All Access Meal Plan – Unlimited access to the dining room plus $300 in Flex dollars (Knight bucks) plus 5 guest passes per semester.

The All Access meal plan provides unlimited entries to the Barbara B. Cooling Dining Room so there’s no need to count how many meals you’ve used or how many you have left. Plus, there’s no extra cost to hang out with your friends over ice cream! All Access provides you with a VIP pass to our dining room – any time it’s open. It’s more than breakfast, lunch, or dinner – you’ll make new friends over lunch or meet your study group in the evening for ice cream. If you’d prefer, you can always bring your laptop and surf the net.

Knight bucks may be used in Barbara B. Cooling Dining Room, Subway, Starbucks, Papa Johns, Grille Works, or the P.O.D. Market. Knight bucks supplement your meal plan and can be used at all of the service locations listed above. They work like a debit card; each time you make a purchase, the total is subtracted. The total amount of Knight bucks included with the meal plan is for the entire semester. 

Students will receive 10 guest passes per year (5 per semester) to use when friends or family visit campus. This plan has increased flexibility and ease of use at all dining locations. If you run out of Knight bucks you can add more in increments of $50.00 via the Dining Services website at www.marian.campusdish.com. Knight Bucks will roll over semester to semester as long as you are a student at Marian University. Watch for Knight Bucks promotions throughout the year and save money!

For more information, please visit Campus Dining here!

Commuter Students

Graduate students and students living in houses and apartments are not required to have a residential meal plan. It is strongly encouraged that these students add Declining Balance dollars or a commuter meal plan to their room and board choices for the convenience of joining friends for lunch or grabbing a cup of coffee with a professor. More details on declining balance and commuter meal plans can be found at Campus Dining.

Please Note

All new first-year students will be placed in double occupancy rooms with roommates in Doyle Hall, our first-year experience building, or Clare Hall. New, honors students will be housed together. Alverna Faith Exploration Community members will be housed together.

A minimal number of single rooms are available for new and returning students. Singles are assigned on a first come, first serve basis. The additional cost for a single room is $350 per semester. In the event of extra space on campus, double rooms may be sold to students as singles (doubles as singles) for an additional cost of $575 per semester.

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