dcsimg E-book and Lab Kit Fees
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E-book and Lab Kit Fees

The e-book and lab kit fees for SU-MTERM8-16 and SU-MSESS8-16 are listed below. 
(Fees are subject to change each term/session.) 

 BIO 214
$110 plus lab kit fee (see below)
   BIO 225   $135
 BIO 226
$61  (online lab access only)
 BUS 205 $135
   BUS 338/346   
 CHE 100
   CHE 108   lab kit fee (see below)
   COM 101
   ECN 200   $96 
   ENV 172    $83 
   MIS 320/380   $61
   NUR 400   $95
 PSY 220 $114
 PSY 230
   SOC 101
 THL 105 $33
 THL 216 $58

* BIO 214 and CHE 108 students are required to purchase a lab kit prior to the start of the course. We recommend that students not purchase the kits until two weeks prior to the start of the course, as they are subject to change.  

The e-book is made available through the platform, VitalSource, which is accessible within the Canvas LMS. E-books do not come with access codes for supplemental online material.

Note: MAP tuition, e-book, and lab kit fees are subject to change.

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