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Required Courses

A paralegal career is ranked among the best careers in the nation. Marian University will prepare you to become a leader in the paralegal profession.

Non-degree seeking students with a degree may also choose to enhance their education by earning a certificate.  Prerequisite courses may be required. Earn your certificate by completing the following coursework:

Sem. Hr.
LAW 100 Introduction to the Paralegal Profession 1
LAW 215 Legal Research 3
LAW 216 Legal Writing and Communication 3
LAW 256 Legal Responsibilities and Ethical Decision Making 3
LAW 261 Legal Liability: Contracts for the Paralegal 3
LAW 262 Legal Liability: Torts for the Paralegal 3
LAW 272 Civil Litigation for the Paralegal 3
LAW 285 Case Practice Management and Technology Capstone 3
LAW 290 Legal Career Preparation and Development 1
LAW 360 Internship in Pre-law Studies/Paralegal Studies 3
LAW 380 Special Topics/Independent Study in Law 3
Total Required Legal Hours 29

NOTE: Some courses may require prerequisites.

Earn your Associate in Science degree in Paralegal Studies by completing the
law courses above and the general education courses below. 

BUS 301  Business Law 3
COM 101 Public Speaking 3
ENG 239 Professional Writing 3
MIS 101 Information System Applications 3
Total Required Supporting Hours 12

ECN 200 Introductory Economics 3
ENG 101 English Composition 3
ENV 172 Intro to Environmental Science 4
HIS 102 History of the Modern World 3
MAT 095/105 Intermediate Algebra 3
PHL 130 Human Nature and Person 3
THL 105 Introduction to Theology 3
One of the following:
PSY 101 General Psychology
PSY 220 Human Growth and Development
SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology
Total Hours 3
Total General Education Hours 25
Total Credit Hours 66
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