dcsimg Course Catalog and Schedule of Classes

Course Catalog and Schedule of Classes

The current edition of the Marian University Course Catalog, which includes general information, academic policies, graduation requirements, information on and requirements for all academic programs offered at Marian University, and course descriptions, can be viewed below. This document is a searchable PDF. Please click on an item in the table of contents or index to go to that section of the catalog. Archived catalogs from previous years are available at the bottom of this page. Students fall under the requirements of the Course Catalog in effect at the time that they entered at Marian University.

2013-15 Course Catalog, Fall 2014 Edition
2013-15 Academic University Calendar
2015-17 Academic University Calendar

Current and past schedules are available below. Please note that the registration information document for each semester contains important details including deadlines, fees, policies, and the calendar for that semester.

Traditional Undergraduate & Graduate Programs
Spring 2015 Registration Information and Spring 2015 Schedule of Classes
Fall 2014 Registration Information and Fall 2014 Schedule of Classes
Summer 2014 Registration Information and Summer 2014 Schedule of Classes

Online Accelerated BSN Programs
Fall 2014 Registration Information and Fall 2014 Schedule of Classes 
Summer 2014 Registration Information
and Summer 2014 Schedule of Classes
Spring 2014 Registration Information - St.Vincent BSN and Spring 2014 Schedule of Classes - St.Vincent BSN

Archived Course Catalogs
2013-15 Course Catalog Fall 2014 Edition
2013-15 Course Catalog, Fall 2013 Edition
2011-13 Course Catalog, Fall 2012 Edition
2011-13 Course Catalog, Fall 2011 Edition
2009-11 Course Catalog, Fall 2010 Edition
2009-11 Course Catalog, Fall 2009 Edition

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