Bradley Cavallo, ABD
Assistant Professor of Art History

(317) 955-6674 
Caretaker's Cottage, 2nd Floor



Bradley J. Cavallo began his studies in the field of art history after taking courses on Hellenistic and Italian Renaissance Art History. From that period onwards he has concentrated his research interests on multi-cultural aspects of the imagery and material-culture of art making in Western European contexts during the fifteenth through seventeenth centuries. Extensive time spent studying in Florence and Rome has grounded his current treating with the practice of painting on stone and metal supports; his anticipated, post-doctoral research will expand upon this topic by considering different manifestations of this painting technique as evident beyond an Italianate context, for example by studying its appearance and meaning in Colonial Latin America.

Dr. Cavallo’s research interests manifest themselves in courses as widely varied as Introduction to Islamic Art and Architecture and Modern Art. In these, the emphatic focus on the material matters of art making and their ramifications/origins in contemporaneous cultures grounds students in the tangible realities of artworks so as to generate an understanding of them not as abstract, intellectual exercises but as objects emergent from the physical realities of their culture’s creative paradigm. In the non-art history courses of Introduction to Gender Studies and Art Appreciation, in both cases the focus on perceiving subtle meaning-making strategies impinging on instantiating gender, sexuality, and the Fine Arts all intend to return students to an experiences-based comprehension of reality and value as built within and based upon the contingency of human constructs.


  • Ph.D., August 2017
    Art History
    Temple University, Philadelphia, PA
    Area of Specialization: Italian Renaissance and Baroque Art
    Dissertation: Matter(s) of Immortality: Oil Paintings on Stone and Metal in the 16th and 17th Centuries.
    Advisors: Dr. Tracy E. Cooper, Dr. Marcia Hall, Dr. Ashely West
  • M.A., May 2006
    Art History
    Syracuse University in Florence
    Thesis: The Stained Glass Window of Piero de' Medici's Oratory at La Santissima Annunziata: Christian Context and Islamic Art.
  • B.A. , May 2003
    Art History and English (Double Major)
    Indiana University, Bloomington, IN
    Degree received with Departmental Honors
    Thesis: We Believe: Concerning Christian Orthodoxy and Iconography.

Professional affiliations

  • College Art Association (CAA)
  • Historians of German, Scandinavian and Central European Art (HGSCEA)
  • Italian Art Society (IAS)
  • Renaissance Society of America (RSA)
  • Sixteenth Century Society & Conference (SCSC)
  • South Eastern College Art Conference (SECAC)


  • Introduction to Gender Studies
  • Introduction to Gender Theory
  • The Modern World (Art History)
  • Humanities I and II: Literature, Music, and Art in the Western Tradition: The Search for Meaning through  Culture
  • Art Appreciation
  • First-Year Seminar
  • The Art of Sacred Space, ca. 800 bce – 700 ce: The Greco-Roman and Abrahamic Traditions
  • Introduction to Islamic Arts and Architecture: Histories and Perceptions
  • Encountering the Italian Renaissance in Philadelphia

Conference presentations

  • SECAC, 2017. Columbus, OH. "Funerary Portraits on Stone, lapis-Christus, and The Transmutation of the Dead."
  • RSA, 2017. Chicago, IL. "Leonardo da Vinci, Paragone, and the Reifying Impetus for Painting on Metal- and Stone-Supports."
  • UAAC/AAUC, 2015. Halifax, Nova Scotia. "Paragone Overcome: The Impetus for Painting in Oil on Metal and Stone Supports."
  • 2015 Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey Art History Graduate Student Symposium ("Figuring it Out: Bodies and the History of Art"). New Brunswick, New Jersey. "The Body Made Whole Again: 16th-17th Century Mortuary Monuments in Rome."
  • 2014 Syracuse University Ray Smith Symposium ("New Perspectives on Renaissance Art"). Syracuse, New York. "Seicento Funerary Portraiture: A Case Study in the Use of Painting in Oil on Metal and Stone Supports."
  • SECAC, 2014. Sarasota, Florida. "Creole Nuns and Escudos de Monjas: Performing the New Sacred Space of Nahua-Christianity."
  • RSA, 2013. San Diego, California. "Of Medici and Mamluk Power: Islamic Forms in a Renaissance Florentine Stained-Glass Window."
  • CAA, 2013. New York, New York. "Site/Sight of Alterity: Albrecht Dürer's The Men'sBathhouse of ca. 1496."
  • SCSC, 2012. Cincinnati, Ohio. "The Body Artistic: Giorgio Vasari as 'Leviathan'."
  • SECAC, 2012. Durham, North Carolina. "Sexuality, Self-Control, and Self-Censorship: Albrecht Dürer's The Men's Bathhouse of c. 1496."
  • World History Association (WHA), 2012. Albuquerque, New Mexico. "Of Medici and Mamluk Power: A Case Study of Islamic Forms in a Renaissance Florentine Work of Art."
  • SECAC, 2011. Savannah, Georgia. "The Hands of Proteus: Hendrick Goltzius and the Philadelphia Museum of Art's Without Ceres and Bacchus, Venus Grows Cold (c. 1599-1602)."
  • 2011 Florida State University Symposium for Graduate Students in the History of Art. Tallahassee, Florida.  "The Catholic Cosmos Made Small: Athanasius Kircher and His Museum in Rome."
  • 2006 Newberry Library Center for Renaissance Studies Graduate Student Conference, Chicago, Illinois. "The Christian context and Islamic art at the La Santissima Annunziata: The stained glass oculus of Piero de' Medici's oratory considered."


  • "Albrecht Dürer's The Men's Bathhouse of 1496-1497 and the Problems of Sexual Signification," Journal For Early Modern Cultural Studies 16, no. 4 (Fall, 2016), 9-37.
  • "Early Modern Funerary Portraits Painted on Metal and Stone Supports: Results of Field Work in Rome," Research Spotlight, Sequitur 1, no. 2 (May, 2015).
  • "Of Medici and Mamluk Power: Islamic Forms in a Renaissance Florentine Stained-Glass Window," Viator 45, no. 1 (Spring, 2014), 311-330.
  • Exhibition Catalogue Entries on Artworks by Francine Affourtit and Julia Bunn, in the Tyler School of Art // Temple University // MFA Catalogue, 2014.
  • Exhibition Catalogue Entries on Artworks by Cara Long and Yangbin Park, in the Tyler School of Art // Temple University // MFA Catalogue, 201
  • Exhibition Catalogue Entries on Artworks by Kaitlyn Coppola, Matthew Craig, and Mira Ramchandani, in the Tyler School of Art // Temple University // MFA Catalogue, 2012.
  • "The Catholic Cosmos Made Small: Athanasius Kircher and His Museum in Rome," in Athanor 30, ed. Allys Palladino-Craig (Tallahassee, Florida: Florida State University Museum of Fine Arts Press for the Department of Art History, 2012), 49-55.
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