Earn Dual Credit With Marian University’s Advanced Study Program

Earn High School and College Credit

Program Description

The Marian University Advanced Study Program provides students the opportunity to take rigorous, college-level courses concurrent for both high school and college credit.

Enrolling in these programs does not commit the student to Marian University after high school graduation. Credits obtained from Marian University are normally accepted in transfer by other colleges and universities provided the student achieves at least a grade of C or higher in the respective courses.

Students who are admitted to Marian University and register for classes agree to abide by all the policies and procedures of Marian University including those related to tuition and fee payment. Submission of the registration form financially obligates a student to pay the tuition and fees associated with this registration.

Admission Requirements

Applicants for the Marian University Advanced Study Program must:

  • Have completed their sophomore year but have not graduated from high school
  • Be under the age of 19 years old
  • Have a minimum 3.00 cumulative GPA
  • Have one of the following test scores: PSAT, ACT PLAN, SAT, or ACT
    • Minimum 19 ACT composite score or 18 ACTPLAN
    • Minimum 910 SAT or 91 PSAT (combination of critical reading and math required)
  • Student must obtain a grade of C or higher in the enrolled course to continue in the program for following semesters.

Application Process

  • Complete the Free Online Application at www.marian.edu/apply for the High School-Dual Credit program
  • Submit the following documents to the Marian University Office of Admission (Attn: Alecia Kissel):
  • Students admitted into the program will receive an acceptance letter via mail.

For students taking the courses at their high school:

  • Students must submit the completed schedule planning form (included in the acceptance packet) to the Marian University Office of Admission.
  • Students must apply for the term in which they will take their first course.

For students taking courses on Marian University's campus:

  • Students must contact Alecia Kissel (317.955.6316 or akissel@marian.edu) to set up an advising appointment to register for classes. Fall registration will be held near the beginning of August.


  • Fall 2016 session-August 1, 2016
  • Spring 2017 session-December 30, 2016

Program Costs

The Advanced Study Program rate for the school year is $100 per credit hour (i.e. 3 credit hour class = $300). Students will receive a bill after they are registered. Personal checks or money orders are acceptable, payable to Marian University. Credit card payments are also acceptable. Tuition rates are set and published annually by the university. Students with an unpaid balance will not be permitted to register for future courses. Please direct billing and payment questions to the business office: 317.955.6020 or busoff@marian.edu.

Rebate Program

  • Students enrolled in the Marian University Advanced Study Program are eligible to receive a rebate of advanced study tuition paid on or after the fall 2012 semester if they enroll as full-time freshmen or transfer students in an undergraduate program at Marian University.
  • The rebate will be in the form of a credit to tuition. The credit will be applied to charges incurred for the student’s first semester of full-time undergraduate attendance at Marian University.
  • The amount of the rebate is the total of all Marian University advanced study tuition paid beginning in fall 2013 up to $2,500. Rebates will not be available for tuition paid prior to fall 2011.
  • Students desiring the rebate must provide a written request including their printed name and Marian University student identification number to the Business Office prior to the tuition due date for their first semester of undergraduate attendance. Failure to do so by the published due dates result in forfeiture of this rebate.

Advanced Study Contact:

Alecia Kissel
Admission Counselor



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