Studio Arts

Under the personal direction of qualified artists, students are first introduced to the fundamentals of art and later to higher levels of theory and techniques, all grounded in the social impact of the arts. Advanced students are guided toward independent study, in the medium of their choice, and are shown how to prepare a resume and professional portfolio. Small classes and personal attention from professionals make Marian University’s art environment a place to learn and grow in the studio arts.

Requirements for Bachelor of Arts Degree (B.A.) in Visual and Creative Arts: Studio Art

All Visual and Creative Arts majors experience a set of core courses that provide the foundations of visual understanding and the creative impulse. The core courses include:  ARH 240, ART 110, ART 120, and ART 255. VCA majors can then choose from four programs within the Department of Visual and Creative Arts. These four programs include art history, documentary studies, graphic design, and studio art (with or without a concentration in art therapy).

The studio art program requires 24 credits including ART 201, ART 206, ART 221, ART 490, ART 491, and two additional studio arts courses.  The program is completed with six hours of 300-level ARH courses.  Students enter the department as B.A. visual and creative arts majors.  There is a portfolio review after the completion of 110, 120, and 206.  The average GPA for the above listed courses must be a “B” or better along with a favorable review rating in order to be accepted in the studio art program.  Only students accepted into the program are eligible for the ART 460 Art Internship.

Minor in Studio Art

25 credits including ART 110, 120, 201, 206, 221, ARH 240, one upper-level art history course, and one upper-level art elective.

Accredited Off Campus Courses

Marian University Visual and Communication Arts majors may take up to 12 credits of pre-approved activities courses at the Indianapolis Art Center for application to their degree at Marian University. These are courses not normally offered at Marian University.

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